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Corpora Is a Beneficial Device for Translation Studies, Isn't It!

Corpora Are Beneficial for Translation Studies - Let's Find Out Why!


Corpora are often used for language instruction and learning. They give information about how a language works. They also help compute the relative frequency of different features. Exploring corpora can help students to observe slight differences of usage and to make comparisons between languages. Corpora are also used to investigate cultural habits expressed via language. NB a corpus will not give information about whether something is possible or not, only whether it is frequent or not! Corpora are also used in translation. Comparable corpora permit to compare the use of apparent equivalents. Parallel corpora let us to see how words and phrases have been translated in the past. General corpora can be used to establish norm of frequency and usage. So, it can be claimed that corpora are beneficial for translation studies. Let's find out why is that!

Hermeneutics in a Binary Way!

Hermeneutics in a Binary Way! - Digital Hermeneutics


We live in communities whose political, legal, military, cultural and economic systems established upon digital transmission and information networks or in societies that are making major attempts to bridge the so-called digital divide. So, let us take a look at hermeneutics in a binary way!

The hermeneutic motion by George Steiner Summary

The hermeneutic motion by George Steiner


This article tries to summarize the hermeneutic motion of George Steiner. The Hermeneutic motion is the title of a paper by George Steiner published in The Translation Studies Reader. The hermeneutic motion is the act of elicitation and appropriative transfer of meaning which is fourfold.

What is the difference between hermeneutics and exegesis

Hermeneutics vs exegesis, The difference between hermeneutics and exegesis


There are lots of questions about what is the difference between hermeneutics and exegesis. In this article, we tried to give a general knowledge about the difference between hermeneutics and exegesis and how they are related to each other. This article discusses hermeneutics vs exegesis and their relation.

What Does Dilmanj Mean?

Dilmanj (or دیلمانج) is an Azeri Turkish word that means a Translator: someone who turns one language into another one. Dilmanj gets written as ‘Dilmanc’ in Turkish alphabet and gets pronounced like Dilmanj, the letter ‘C’ in Turkish Alphabet sounds like j as in Joy. So we transliterated it into English and chose ‘Dilmanj’ as a unique word for our brand. Sometimes a Dilmanj is also called Çevirmen in Turkey (or چئویرمن). Some others just drop the letter ‘n’ and call it Dilmaj (Dilmac – دیلماج).

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