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Dilmanj is an active media on Translation Studies and Translation Industry in general. We try hard to truly make a specialized convention for those who are fond of translation. We encourage you to join us right now and get notified about all that happens in the world of Translation!

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Our mission here on Dilmanj is to engage with translation from multiple angles and provide a diversity of content related to the translation world. Our special focus is academic translation studies as we’re trying to be a media for all translator around the globe.

Recent Updates

Gideon Toury's description on The Name and Nature of Translation Studies

Gideon Toury's remarks on The Name and Nature of Translation Studies


In studying academic translation, we often encounter with a map developed for our field. The origin and even choosing a universal name for this field goes back to James Holmes. But let’s not forget about Gideon Toury and his remarks on Holmes’ map. Now we turn our attention to Gideon Toury’s side of the equation.

Introducing Translation Studies - On Linguistic Aspects of Translation by Roman Jakobson

On Linguistic Aspects of Translation by Roman Jakobson - Summary

On linguistic aspects of translation is the title of a fundamental paper by Roman Jakobson which is strongly suggested to be read by anyone interested in translation studies as an academic discipline. This article is a part of a bigger project called introducing translation studies portal here on Dilmanj.

Introducing Translation Studies - The Concept of Translation What is Translation

The concept of translation as appeared on Jeremy Munday

In introducing translation studies series, this article is focused on the question of what is translation? and the concept of translation from the point of view of two cornerstone books, namely, introducing translation studies, and translation - an advanced resource book.

The Name and Nature of Translation Studies by James Holmes - Summary

This is a summary of The Name and Nature of Translation Studies which is the title of a paper by James S. Holmes who is considered to be the founder of translation studies as an independent field of study and coined the name of ‘Translation Studies’ to this field.

What Does Dilmanj Mean?

Dilmanj (or دیلمانج) is an Azeri Turkish word that means a Translator: someone who turns one language into another one. Dilmanj gets written as ‘Dilmanc’ in Turkish alphabet and gets pronounced like Dilmanj, the letter ‘C’ in Turkish Alphabet sounds like j as in Joy. So we transliterated it into English and chose ‘Dilmanj’ as a unique word for our brand. Sometimes a Dilmanj is also called Çevirmen in Turkey (or چئویرمن). Some others just drop the letter ‘n’ and call it Dilmaj (Dilmac – دیلماج).

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