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What is a Sign in linguistic and semiotic view of language

What is a Sign in linguistic and semiotic view of language

Sign is an underlying concept in linguistics and semiotics, this article tries to summarize views of two important figures in defining sign: Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Peirce who defines three kinds of signs: Likeness or icons, indications or indices (index), and third, symbols or general signs.

Eugene Nida Principles of Correspondence Summary

Eugene Nida Principles of Correspondence Summary

This article is about the summary of Eugene Nida’s Principles of Correspondence that is a fundamental consideration in the studies of every translation student. This article gives a definitive distinction between Formal and Dynamic equivalences that Eugene Nida introduces to us.

Reading Translation Invoice in translation companies made easy

Translation Invoice: what you pay for when getting translation service

When you get a translation service, you should be able to determine what you pay for in translation invoice that you get. Reading and comprehending a translation invoice is not so difficult, but sometimes we need help knowing what these elements mean and whether you need to pay for it or not.

Corpora Is a Beneficial Device for Translation Studies, Isn't It!

Corpora Are Beneficial for Translation Studies – Let’s Find Out Why!

Corpora are often used for language instruction and learning. They give information about how a language works. Corpora are also used in translation. Comparable corpora permit to compare the use of apparent equivalents. So, it can be claimed that corpora are beneficial for translation studies.

Hermeneutics in a Binary Way!

Hermeneutics in a Binary Way! – Digital Hermeneutics

We live in communities whose political, legal, military, cultural and economic systems established upon digital transmission and information networks or in societies that are making major attempts to bridge the so-called digital divide. So, let us take a look at hermeneutics in a binary way!

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