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Theories of Translation can be considered the main body of Translation Studies reading material that every student of Translation Studies should get familiar with. Even those translators who are not studying translation, are working under some theories of translation, even though they don’t know such theories exist. In a narrow sense, translation theory is concerned with the translation method appropriately used for a certain type of text and differs from principles of translation. In a wide sense, translation theory is the body of knowledge that we have about translation in general.
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What is hermeneutics - Definition of hermeneutics

What is hermeneutics? – Definition of hermeneutics

What is hermeneutics? In this article, I try to give a definition of hermeneutics from multiple and various sources. In short, hermeneutics is the science of interpretation, but there are some definitions about it. Definition of hermeneutics is gathered from dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Hans Vermeer Skopos Theory of Translation

Hans Vermeer Skopos Theory of Translation

Skopos Theory of translation is not known without Hans Vermeer. In this article I tried to make a comprehensive and definitive guide to understand Skopos Theory of translation by Hans Vermeer. Skopos in just one word means ‘purpose’ which derives our translation strategy as well. Read more!

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