Translation and Linguistics

Translation and linguistics are two hand in hand fields of study. Linguistics has been around for a long time and has a significant role in translation studies even today. Most theories of translation are based on or developed by linguists, especially early theories of translation which we study of great linguists making great contributions to the field of translation studies. This page is all about posts and updates happening in Dilmanj that have to do with linguistics field of study.

Context definition by Henry Widdowson - What is context

Context definition by Henry Widdowson – What is context?!

Context definition is an important part of studying translation. Context can be defined at three levels of physical, social and psychological. Henery Widdowson defines context from the perspectives of some scholars and points out the major points in each. This article is a summary of context definition by him.

What is a Sign in linguistic and semiotic view of language

What is a Sign in linguistic and semiotic view of language

Sign is an underlying concept in linguistics and semiotics, this article tries to summarize views of two important figures in defining sign: Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Peirce who defines three kinds of signs: Likeness or icons, indications or indices (index), and third, symbols or general signs.

text definition by Henry Widdowson - What is text

Text definition by Henry Widdowson – What is text?!

We have so many resources for text definition. But what is text? Really! In this article, I try to summarize and give a thorough understanding of a text definition. Henry Widdowson is one great scholar who defines text as opposed to discourse and gives a comprehensive understanding of it.

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