Translation and Technology

For a long time, translation and technology had a very tight relationship and as the time passes, this relationship becomes much tighter and inevitable. Today, technology has a very important role in how translators work. Machine translation is the major field of study within translation studies major which investigates the use of software to translate text or speech from one language to another. Another line of studying and relationship relies on Machine-aided Human translation or computer-aided translation.

This category is all about the relationship between translation and technology.

Corpora Is a Beneficial Device for Translation Studies, Isn't It!

Corpora Are Beneficial for Translation Studies – Let’s Find Out Why!

Corpora are often used for language instruction and learning. They give information about how a language works. Corpora are also used in translation. Comparable corpora permit to compare the use of apparent equivalents. So, it can be claimed that corpora are beneficial for translation studies.

Racist Translation Machines - Are machine translators racists

Racist Translation Machines: Are machine translators racists?

Racist Translation Machine is the headline of so many news blogs in the translation industry. In this post I try to answer one simple question: Are Machine Translators Racists? I gathered thoughts and examples from other sources that talk about racists translation machines and come to a simple answer!

Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT)

Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT)

Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) is used in Google Translate for more than seventy languages and covers about half of all Google Translate queries. GNMT works with millions of examples for its neural connections. Google’s Neural Machine Translation is able to do zero-shot translations. Find out more on Dilmanj.

New In-Ear Gadget Translates Target Languages Simultaneously

New In-Ear Gadget Translates Target Languages Simultaneously

This new In-Ear Gadget Translates Target Languages Simultaneously! Just put it in your ear and you’re done! No more inconvenient situation of trying to communicate in a foreign language. thanks to this in-Ear gadget the days of struggling to speak the local language might soon be expired.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)_1

GDPR Mentioned People Should Be Watchful about Data Leaks

New declaration at DefCon 2017 by two German researchers that it was easy to obtain and expose browsing data, including a judge’s porn fondness, came as a little surprise. The EU General Data Protection Regulation announced that people should be watchful about data leaks through online search and translation devices.

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