Google Translate app unblocked in China for free use

Google Translate app unblocked in China after many years

Google Translate app unblocked in China. This counts as a kind of celebration for those who were using VPNs to access Translate app on their smartphones. Google Translate app is the most famous and among the oldest translator apps around the globe for several years. And most importantly, Google Translate app is free which adds to its recognition worldwide. But, this great translator app was not available in China until recently Google Translate app unblocked in China.

Of course, this app was available to China through web-based translation services. However, to access it through China, there was a need to use virtual private networks (VPN) on mobile devices. Use of VPNs was necessary to go beyond the ‘Great Firewall’, China’s huge system of online censorship.

Google Translate App Unblocked Finally!

On March 29, 2017, Google Translator App unblocked and became available to China. Finally! Users from China now use this app as a free translation tool without VPNs to go beyond those barriers. Google in a blog post announced that:

‘Today we’re releasing version 5.8 of the Google Translate apps for Android and iOS, adding instant visual translation between English and Korean, as well as an improved experience for users in China’

This is a good news for users of this app in China. And by improving the experience, we assume it means app’s availability to download and use. A link to download for Android provided and suggested that iOS users just search Google Translate app on App store.

Google didn’t provide any detail about why now Google Translate unblocked and is available to download in China. Google spokesman declined to comment on this matter.

China has more than 700 million mobile internet users. These users now can use this app for free and without any barriers that surely has and will have an enormous output for Google.

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