Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications

Introducing Translation Studies is the title of a book by Jeremy Munday in which he develops and, let’s say, gathers most fundamental theories and applications related to the academic study of translation. This book is considered an important source in all levels of education of translators. Here, in this portal, we try to give an explanation, a guideline and a summary of the whole book. This portal is useful for two general groups: First, those who did study the book a long time ago, or didn’t study it at all and want to get a grasp of what translation studies is and what are its main theories and figures. Second, those who are taking a course in an education system, and want to have a summary of the book, or some more explanations and elaborations on subjects to extend their knowledge of the field on one hand, and save some time and effort in reviewing and maybe studying the book on the other.

This page serves as a reference for different parts of the book and gives instructions about how to use provided content and how we organized all of our writings. Feel free to contribute to developing this portal, either in the form of content provision, or suggestions and comments about how to make it better for future uses.

For this analysis, we use the fourth edition of Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications by Jeremy Munday and its main references (or main sources). This book is divided into 12 chapters. Details and coverage of all the chapters along with links to the content are provided on this page for reference. You can,  of course, follow the links out of order, all the pages are self-enclosed.

Introducing Translation Studies, Theories and Applications by Jeremy Munday, Fourth Edition.

Introducing Translation Studies - Theories and Applications by Jeremy Munday Book Cover

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