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Dilmanj News refer to that news that is related to only Dilmanj itself. This news is very important to us, but we categorized them separately to make it easy for you to just browse through “Dilmanj News” on our website. All published news about the Dilmanj itself is listed here. If you want, you can check our Breaking news and the latest news on translation studies page for all news related to translation.

Dilmanj Goes Live from today

Dilmanj goes live from today! A convention for translators

Dilmanj goes live on Sunday, January 21, 2018, and is accessible worldwide to those who are fond of translation. Today we are honored to introduce our international specialized website, Dilmanj to the world. After months of planning an international platform for Dilmanj, and after three years of practice in Dilmanj.ir, today dilmanj goes live and accessible around the globe.

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